Wherever You Will Be (That’s Where I’ll Call Home) aka The Domestic ‘verse
Author: gyzym
Pairing: Arthur/Eames; small side of Ariadne/Yusuf
Length: 74829
Rating: NC-17

This is a series of stories set in one specific ‘verse, affectionately dubbed “The Domestic ‘verse” and centering…

Does an asymmetrical prostate really exist?

I love your blog here! It’s so informative and fun, thank you for all you do! I have a bit of a fangirl question… My friends and I saw Cosmopolis this weekend (LOVED it!!) and it got me wondering if an asymmetrical prostate really exists and if it really is a problem/non-problem? Thanks!
Thank you for your praise, it makes Nurse Kimpy blush, but very happy at the same time. Kimpy actually went to see Cosmopolis with a group of her Twi friends, and wouldn’t you know it, the prostate exam came up as a post-movie conversation.

During her nurse training, Kimpy learned how to properly assess the prostate gland, so she knows the, uh, ins and outs, so to speak. *wink*

As many of her readers know by now, Naughty Nurse Kimpy dislikes that pesky word normal. The range of what is considered healthy can be rather considerable, but that doesn’t mean your question isn’t a good one. The best way to describe a prostate gland is to imagine the shell of a walnut. If you break it in half along the seam, as you would to remove the nut inside (no, that wasn’t a sexual innuendo—Kimps is talking about the real walnut, dirty reader), then place it on a flat surface, you have a close approximation of what the prostate gland looks like. Granted, the prostate isn’t as hard as a walnut shell, it’s just the same general size and texture.

To answer your question, is an asymmetrical prostate a problem? Well, it all depends. If you look at various body parts in the mirror, you’re likely to see that your eyes aren’t exactly parallel and symmetrical. Neither are your ears. Or your eyebrows. You can see where I’m going with this. Slight variations from one side to the other occur all the time. What makes us become concern with the prostate is when the asymmetry becomes markedly different (like one side is twice as large as the other, for example). Likewise, if there are any textural changes from one side to the other, especially when one side is harder than the other, we start to get a little concerned, because those types of changes can be related to a tumor or other growth on the prostate gland. Sometimes, the gland becomes enlarged, and that can also be cause for concern.

As for the scene in the movie, Naughty Nurse Kimpy has these comments—a good prostate exam shouldn’t take more than a minute or two at most. Poking around in there longer than that is just plain unnecessary. Also, in a man as young as Eric Packer, it would be highly unusual for him to have prostate issues at such a young age. Not impossible, of course, but his asymmetrical prostate most likely isn’t something he’ll need to worry about.

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Is there a site where I can find other women who are attracted to guys who cross dress?

imageIs there a site where I can find other women who are attracted to guys who crossdress? I have a huge fetish for young feminine guys who could pass as girls. I spend a lot of time browsing pics and fetish sites but it seems it’s all men looking for men, couples & bi guys etc. Really very hard to find other women (and I mean genetic females) to share this with. In time I may feel like indulging in my fantasy and finding one of these boy gurls to dress up and have fun with (my fantasy). If you have any advice or if any other females with a similiar passion are reading this then please let me know I’m not alone!!

Jeanne here, popping in to give the Naughty Nurse some help. As the resident perv who has advanced knowledge in kink and a lover of gender bending the attraction you’re describing is very familiar. There are actually a few categories/communities/kinks this can fall under. I’m going to cover everything I think is related so you can pick and choose what you sounds/feels right for you.

In BDSM circles there are Sissy boys or Sissy fetish. This is an aspect of Dom/sub play where a male submissive is made to dress as a woman. This is actually very popular among Female Dominants who play with Sissy boy submissives. The cross dressing can also involved “tucking” (hiding of the male genitalia), chastity belts and can even be part of cuckolding play.

Now, a lot of this play revolves around emasculation and humiliation play. Many submissives want to be treated as unworthy of their mistresses desire, less than a man, etc. There’s BDSMcuckolding, transgender sex and even pegging in Sissy boy porn. So if these other fetishes do not appeal to you, surfing the pornography for this kink could be uncomfortable. If you’re are into the kinky side of life and want to meet your own kinky Sissy boy, or just want to meet other women who feel like you do check out FetLife. It’s kind of like Facebook for Kink folks.

imageHowever, if you’re not into BDSM or those other fetishes, but just love to see beautiful men break out of the pigeon holds of binary gender. You should explore theGenderQueer community. You do not need to be transgender or GenderQueer to be welcome in the community. Part of the philosophy of GenderQueer movement is that sexuality, gender and relationships shouldn’t conform to the binary/black & white standards that mainstream society clings to. There are straight ciswoman (both biologically and self identified as female) who love and date GenderQueer people. There are also social networks and resources for feminine and androgynous men who want to explore their identities safely and meet women who love them as they are. I’ll provide a list of links to resources below.

One more thing, just because you’ve never known there was a word or community for what you like or have ever met other people like yourself, it doesn’t mean you are alone. There are many women who adore sexy feminine men. Not to mention there are a lot of fem men out there dreaming about a woman, like you, who will embrace their love of dresses and make up. 

Here are some Links to websites that I hope will help you in your search. Please check back with us and let us know how it goes.

Helpful Links

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Can a virgin injury themselves while Masturbating?

Hola, NN. I’m single and still a virgin, but masturbate regularly. Recently I noticed that I was able to get my fingers in quite a bit more than usual, but afterwards I noticed a slight pink tinge when I wiped after using the bathroom. I have no idea if I’ve cut myself with a nail or actually broken my own hymen - I didn’t feel any pain during, so I can’t be sure. Is this nor- I mean, ordinary, or a regular occurrence for other women in my situation?

Naughty Nurse Kimpy is SO proud of you for not using the word normal in your question. Good girl! You’ve been paying attention. *beams proudly*

The fact that you didn’t feel any pain and didn’t experience a lot of bleeding makes Nurse Kimpy suspect that you didn’t actually break your hymen. Now it’s still possible that you did—for some women, tearing their hymen is a very minor affair—but not likely, given the circumstances. She suspects that you scratched yourself inside, causing you to bleed. Like the uterus, the vagina is a highly vascular organ, so it’s got a very rich blood supply. It can be surprisingly easy to bleed with just a small amount of tissue trauma. So yes, it’s common to bleed from something like a small scratch that didn’t really cause much pain. Fortunately, the vagina also heals rather quickly, so it shouldn’t be something that will bother you for long. In the future, best not to go exploring up there unless your nails are trimmed, yeah?

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Masturbating with household items…

Hi Naughty Nurse! Okay, I feel so silly and embarrassed to even be talking about this, but I don’t know who else to go to. Relax, it’s nothing huge. I think I just need someone to talk me down so that I don’t freak myself out. I’m nineteen and still a virgin, but I have a healthy self-love life ;) Anyway, I got a bit tired of the usual finger routine (just a little bit mortified right now) and thought I’d give something else a go. You know those little roll on deodorant bottles? The plastic ones with the slightly pointed end - not where the cap opens, yikes! Well, I had an empty one so I thought I’d give it a try, and honestly, I barely got it in half an inch - which doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I washed it in warm soapy water beforehand. I’m just worried that I might get sick or some other horrible thing is going to happen to me because of it. I’m sure I’m just freaking out and you probably think I’m all kinds of silly, but I just needed to tell someone otherwise I swear I was going to burst - and not in the fun way! I think I might stick with the fingers from now on, though. It’s not worth the scare-factor!
imageNaughty Nurse Kimpy has discussed the practice of using regular household items as masturbatin tools in the past, and she’s going to say this again, until she’s blue in the face—Please, please, please don’t put something into your vagina or anus that wasn’t specifically designed to be put there! While she’s very glad you washed the bottle off with soap and water first, there is a genuine possibility you could do damage to yourself with this object. While vaginal tissue is flexible, it’s also very easy to tear it, causing you to bleed. The likelihood that you did permanent damage is small, but if you’re experiencing any pain, swelling, or bleeding, you need to see your doctor.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us so that Nurse Kimpy can encourage others to stick to dildos or vibrators for masturbation and not household objects. You’re absolutely right, it’s not worth the scare factor at all.
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Can Intercourse affect your menstrual flow?

I am a 21 year old college student and I have been having this on again, off again fling with a guy I work with. Previous to him I wasn’t inexperienced per se, but I did consider myself a virgin. At first we made out and got each other off via hand. As our hook-ups became a regular thing, he kept asking me for sex. I held out for a long time and tried oral for the first time. But one drunken night I finally gave in. (Don’t worry we used a condom) 

My first period after we had sex was extremely heavy. It was like a the dam broke and the river wasn’t stopping. I’ve always had a very irregular period. Lasting anywhere from 3-5 days a month and then having it for 10 days and going without for almost 2 months. I am not on birth control, but after recent events I am wanting to set up a Doctors appointment to get on the pill. 

I guess my main question is if such a unusually heavy flow is normal after having sex for the first time? Also, a friend told me she thought an irregular period was a sign of a hormone deficiency, is this true?
Nurse Kimpy feels badly that you felt like you had to “give in” in order to have sex with your fling guy, but she also understands that the world isn’t an ideal place, it’s real one, and things like this happen. She’s also very relieved to know that you did use protection. Good girl.


As for changes in your period after you’ve lost your virginity, there isn’t any scientific evidence to support that phenomenon; it’s probably just a coincidence. Some women report a change in their period after they lose their virginity: either they have a heavier period, a lighter one, or a difference in the timing of their cycle. However, there are a great number of things that can affect your period that have nothing to do with losing your virginity, so Nurse Kimpy feels confident that this was just a temporary change in flow that’s independent of the fact your hymen broke.

Nurse Kimpy is glad to know that you’re going to visit your doctor and talk about more effective, long-term birth control option. While you’re there, please bring up your concerns about your period. There may be something more at play here, and your doctor is the best one to determine if there’s anything that needs further investigation. An irregular period doesn’t mean you have a hormone deficiency necessarily, but it can mean that your hormone levels are fluctuating throughout your cycle. There can be many reasons for irregular periods, but none that you should be immediately worried about. Again, this is something to bring up with your doctor to see what s/he recommends. Nurse Kimpy is sure that you’ll be able to resolve your concerns during that visit to your doctor. If not, however, you know how to get back in touch with her.
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Other than your hand and a vibrator, what else could you use for masturbation?

Oh my god, put a dirty mind to work and it never stops… the conversation thread we had going about the various things we used! Here are but a few of the many ideas the Pervs have come up with: 

imageThe Massaging Shower Head is ordinary-hardware-masquerading-as-sex-toy gold. Handhelds are the easiest, and the more settings the better. *It’ll be the best trip to Home Depot, like ever*

Textured massage gloves or finger covers work nicely for the more sensitive women. Fingertip toothbrushes also do the trick nicely. Added bonus? You can get them at drugstores or even pet stores, they are super cheap, and no one will ever know what lascivious plans you have for them.

Speaking of toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes are the stealth bomber of vibrators. They range in price from $10 to $100 a pop. The more expensive they are, the more power they tend to deliver, although it’s possible to get off from just a battery-powered number. Check them out at Oral-B Professional Electric Toothbrush.

imageAs long as you’re in the health and beauty aid section of the store anyhow, check out the Neutrogena Wave Facial System. For $19 you get a comfy hand held vibrator that you can leave out on you bathroom counter for all the world to see, and no one will be any the wiser.

You know those pillows that most everyone has in their home? Round, long, innocent looking? Maybe not so much. Put one between your legs andhello, dryhump.

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